• What is the Power, seriously?!

    Power week is a tool that will help you organise your work away and/or retreat. We help you move your office near nature.

  • Why a Power Week?

    It is best for your health (especially the cortisol levels) if you spent a consecutive week near nature. The Power Week is mainly about getting things done but in a healthier manner.

  • Can I do less (or more) than a week?

    We have seen companies using the Power Week services for a day, a (long) weekend, a week or even a month. It is entirely up to you.

  • What is so special about the locations you offer?

    Our locations are work, sleep and eat eligible. And we mean quality - good internet, perfect accommodation, great food. Furthermore, all of our locations are in proximity to mother nature (mountain, sea, rural) and all of them are inspirational - we promise!

  • Is the Power Week similar to a team building event?

    Not exactly. Team building is a consequence, not an aim by itself. Our locations are perfect for quality time thinking, product/ process development, outside the box thinking, learning, training and development and yes - establishing team synergy.

  • Do I need to bring some equipment?

    Most locations are equipped with standard office equipment - from flip charts, to wi-fi. However, if you have any special requirement - drop us a line to clarify.

  • How do I pay?

    Once you have selected your location, dates and the added services (if you choose any), we will send you a confirmation for the availability of the selected resources. Once all is sorted - we send you an offer with our Banking details and payment methods.

  • Added services - what is that?

    We are working with professionals from various sectors to help your business grow. We have psychologists, Mind Mappers, Design Thinkers, Designers,Yoga and Capoeira instructors and we are constantly growing our portfolio. Moreover, we can provide you very “out of the box” services as pottery lessons, horse riding, bio food and bakery workshop and others depending on the location. Drop us a line to tell you more.

  • How big should my company be for a Power Week.

    We have helped various in size companies to find their best spot. Freelancers and digital nomads are welcome as well!

  • Can you help me with logistics and transportation?

    Yes. Give us a shout.