The hub for your

Workation getaway.

near nature

The Dream
Getaway office

Selection of inspiring locations where nature meets the perfect working conditions.

Quality wi-fi and comfortable workspaces come together with outstanding views and homemade food in package. Nice, huh?

Pure inspiration, creativity source and productivity boost for you and your team.

Productivity and
creativity tool

it’s mainly about getting work done, though you may think of it as a team building option.

the locations are perfect for outside of the box thinking, product/process development and establishing team synergy, among others.

you can also аdd master classes like design thinking, mind mapping and other professional services.

How we work



Choose you location. Think of the dates and the number of people that are about to endeavour a mind blowing power week.


Add experience

Choose from variety of tailor-made teambuilding activities and professional trainings to enrich your amazing power week stay.


Send Request

Send us your request with all the relevant info and we will soon contact you to clarify details, quote prices and get the ultimate journey hassle free.

Need more info?
Read the whole How it works policy or get in touch with us here

Our principles

Quality inspiration.

We find and test the best “green” offices out there ‐ always close to nature but also having the comfort of a working environment. Literally, we go out there, try the food, test the wi-fi and smell the bed linens. If we do not like it, neither would you.

Team play.

Fun and challenging, our outside the working environment activities improve team-work, develop trust and enhance problem solving skills. We help business become a more united, flexible and sharper team player. Yes, you will experience that TEAM really stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.


Our trainers do not come with suits and ties but with heart and vision. They will help you navigate your business towards success and glory. Behold!

Do you dare to go on exciting and enriching learning journey?

What clients say?


The Mind mapping training was useful. We have seen serious employee engagement ever since the training.



We had a hackathon during our Power Week! - We have seriously advanced in a thing called "segmentation in the natural language processing"


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